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ASUS Слушалки с микрофон Asus Cerberus (90YH0061-B1UA00)

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Безжични Не
Свързване 3.5 мм жак
Честотен обхват на слушалките 20 - 20000 Hz
Честотен обхват на микрофона 50 - 10000 Hz
Дължина на кабела 1.2 м

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Asus Headset Cerberus / BLK / ALWDescriptionHeadset for players with large, 60-millimeter neodymium transducer designed for use in games and during the trip. - Large Neodymium 60mm provide powerful bass and realism- Compatible with PC, Mac, Playstation®4 and mobile devices; for gaming and mobile entertainment- Design with two microphones: detachable microphone provides clearer communication during the game, and the microphone on the cable makes it easy to use while traveling- Comfortable pillow with a diameter of 100mm offer effective noise isolation, which translates to better quality gameplay and musicHigh quality sound without interferenceThe best players need the best accessories. Cerberus headphones were created in order to provide the user with a victory in any conditions - ideal also for everyday listening to music! Cerberus connect the headphones to your computer, laptop or mobile device to enjoy excellent, accurate sound and powerful bass, regardless of what you do and where you are. Powerful bass and high realism. Large 60mm Neodymium driversIf you do not never felt the power of 60-millimeter neodymium transducers, it is high time to use headphones Cerberus - you feel strong and very realistic sound. During the game you will hear every shot and you'll know that your opponent is close to having at its disposal only the sound of his footsteps. Then move the the recording of the concert, the human voice, the sound track of the film - all you hear very clearly. Enjoy desktop games and mobile entertainment. It works with PC and Mac. With headphones Cerberus does not have to worry about compatibility, because they work with virtually any device. The cable length of 1.2m can be extended using a splitter with a length of 1.3 m, which separates the plug headphones and a microphone, which translates into greater compatibility and total cable length of 2.5 m. Detachable Microphone is ideal for communication during the game - for talking and makes everyone will always hear you!And even with smartphones and tabletsCerberus works well on mobile devices due to microphone inserted on a cable - for comfortable conversation on the go. Just plug czterostykowy 3.5mm plug to the mobile device to keep in touch with family and friends. ASUS showed that 1.2m is the ideal length of cable for mobile users - the end of plątającymi the wires!Enjoy your games and music without interferenceCovered with polyurethane pads with a diameter of 100 mm provide high strength and effectively isolate the noise from the outside, so you can enjoy the sound without any obstacles. Headphones Cerberus was created with the aim of constant comfort, "breathable" pillow and adapted force headphones make it possible to use them for a very long time. Характеристики
Technology:Noise reduction
Wireless communication:Не
Конектори:3,5 mm minijack3,5 mm jack
Bluetooth features:
Pass band (min):20 Hz
Pass band (max):20 kHz
Cable length:1.2 m
Тегло, kg:266 g
Other features:Accessories:- Alternative cable with adapter- User's Guide- Splitter audio / mic- Detachable Microphone

Продукт известен още и като Cerberus 90 YH 0061, Cerberus90YH0061, Cerberus 90YH 0061


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