Defender Redragon Berserk (64209)

Defender Redragon Berserk (64209)

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Surrounding 7.1 sound

The sound processing system precisely imitates the operation of 7 speakers and a subwoofer placed around you and creates the surrounding sound environment for immersive gaming experience


LED backlight of headphones

Pulsing 7-color backlight creates special gaming scenery


Volume control

You will not have to switch to PC controls to adjust the volume level


Direct microphone ensures high sound quality

Communicate with your gamemates on a new level


Braided fabric cord coat

Prevents the cord mess and prolongs the lifetime of the headphones


Double headband

Self-adjusting headband for convenient wear within a long period of time. External rigid part of the headband ensures close fit of earcups, when inner flexible part provides convenience


Big size over-ear headset

Over-ear pads almost eliminate the pressure on the ears and provide extra noise isolation


Closed earcup design

The earphones do not let the outside noise through and ensure excellent sound protection. This allows to use them in noisy places, or when you need to concentrate on the game.



Connection type



Type of headphones

Full-size on-ear


Type of earcups



Type of mounting



Membrane diameter

50 mm


Backlight colors amount



Impedance (headphones)

32 Ohm


Impedance (microphone)

2.2 kOhm


Sensitivity (headphones)

103 dB


Sensitivity (microphone)

42 dB


Frequency response (headphones)

20–20000 Hz


Frequency response (microphone)

100–10000 Hz


Cable length

2 m





Material of headphones



Warranty period

6 months





Individual package size

13.9 x 26.0 x 23.0 cm


Individual package weight

0.7 kg


Product size (without package)

10.7 x 21.3 x 21.6 cm


Продукт известен още и като Redragon Berserk 64209, RedragonBerserk64209, Redragon Berserk ( 64209)

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