Jabra EVOLVE 80 MS Duo (7899-823-109)

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Jabra (7899-823-109) Jabra Evolve 80 Duo MS

648,61 лв
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JABRA Evolve 80 Stereo ANC USB MS (7899-823-109) (7899-823-109)

501,89 лв
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Jabra EVOLVE 80 MS Stereo USB Headband, Active Noise cancelling, USB connector, with mute-button and volume control on the cord, Busylight , Discret boomarm, active Noise Cancellation, Listen-In, Micr

501,90 лв
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Jabra Evolve 80 Duo MS (7899-823-109)

648,61 лв
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Безжични Не
Свързване USB
Честотен обхват на слушалките 20 - 20000 Hz
Дължина на кабела 1.2 м

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Jabra Evolve 80 Duo MSDescriptionJABRA EVOLVE 80 MICROSOFT LYNC STEREOProvides better conversationThe Jabra EVOLVE 80 is designed to increase concentration and conversation with world-class noise reduction technology and speakers that are optimized for voice and music. Keep your concentrationJabra EVOLVE 80 MS Stereo is a professional headset developed primarily to improve call quality and increase concentration. The excellent noise reduction technology ensures peace of mind when working in a loud open office, effectively creating a concentration zone around your interlocutor so you can work in focus. Loudspeakers provide comfort and stylish looks thanks to the cushion of synthetic leather headphones and are specifically designed to reduce office noise. Combined with Active Noise Reduction technology, you get maximum protection against noise in the office. The Concentration Zone complements the occupancy indicator, which indicates that the user is not available to colleagues. Keep the flexibilityIt's not a job, but you yourself can decide where you want to work. The Jabra EVOLVE 80 is equipped with a 3.5 mm connector built into the control module, allowing you to connect a wired headset to your computer, smartphone or tablet. The control module also provides convenient and easy access to the most commonly used features such as volume. You can also receive and end calls directly on the operator module, which increases overall flexibility and allows for greater focus on conversation. When you are not on the move or moving, you can also completely insert the microphone boom into the headband - so you can easily change your office headset to your personal set. Optimized for Microsoft LyncThe Jabra EVOLVE 80 MS Stereo Kit is optimized for Microsoft Lync, providing fast installation of the "Plug & Play" headset. The headset works perfectly with Microsoft Lync so you can focus on the conversation. Характеристики
Приложение:Call centerInternetMusic
Technology:Noise reductionAttenuation of ambient noise
Wireless communication:Не
Конектори:3,5 mm minijack1 x USB 2.0
Audio controls:Volume controlAnswer/Mute calls
Bluetooth features:
Pass band (min):20 Hz
Pass band (max):20 kHz
Cable length:1.2 m
Тегло, kg:324 g
Other features:- Stereo headset for programmable phones, mobile phones и tablets- Optimized for Lync software- Superior sound quality class- Active noise reduction- Occupancy indicator- Possibility to put the microphone in the headband- Microphone mute button on the boom- Главаphones with synthetic leather- eavesdropping function- Direct connection to a landline- Length of controller cable: 90 mm- PeakStop- Digital Signal Processing (DSP)- USB charging- Certifications: Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco certifications
Software:Jabra PC Suite enables remote call handling using Jabra headset и UC systems и the latest generation IP phones. Wireless users can end the call from the desk и the software phone. For a wired headset, Jabra PC Suite offers a number of remote call handling features that you can use directly with your headset or remote control. Smoothly connecting the headset to the phone allows users to move и perform other tasks while chatting. This in turn leads to increased productivity и better ergonomics of everyday work. Продукт известен още и като EVOLVE 80 MS Duo 7899 823 109, EVOLVE80MSDuo7899823109, EVOLVE 80 MS Duo (7899 823 109), EVOLVE80MSDuo7899-823-109, EVOLVE 80 MS Duo (7899-823 109)
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