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Честотен обхват на слушалките150 - 7000 Hz
Честотен обхват на микрофона100 - 7000 Hz

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Enterprise DECT wireless connectivity for all-day comfort and maximum UC productivity. Untethered and free to roam the office

With DECT spectrum wireless connectivity, the H820e provides an exceptional wireless range of up to 300 feet that won’t interfere with Wi-Fi® devices in your office. Enterprise-quality audio and all-day comfort

Premium technology like the acoustic echo cancelation, DSP audio and a noise canceling mic make the H820e ideal for the busiest workspaces. Padded leatherette ear pads and headband enable a comfortable feel for all-day use. Features
  • DECT spectrum wireless connectivity - Provides exceptional wireless range that won’t interfere with Wi-Fi® devices in your office.
  • In-call LED indicator light - Located on the backside of the boom, this red light provides visual alert to those behind you that you are on a call, preventing accidental disturbances during calls.
  • On-boom mute button and mute indicator LED light - Intuitively located on the boom, the mute button is easy to identify. An LED light that can be seen while wearing the headset provides a visual mute status by glowing red while muted.
  • Intuitive on-ear call controls - Control the call with on-ear answer/end 1, volume up/down buttons. The raised button design provides a point of reference for your fingers so you can feel the buttons you’re pressing.
  • Up to 10 hours of wideband talk time - Hear and be heard all day in true wideband audio, ensuring those on both sides of the call enjoy a lifelike listening experience. Includes a charging base.
  • Quick charging - Get a full charge in just 3 hours, or if you're in a hurry the battery charges to 50% (5 hours of talk time) in just 50 minutes.
  • Up to more than 300-ft (100-meter) wireless range - Enjoy the freedom to move widely around the office during conference calls while staying productive.
  • Certified for Skype for Business; Cisco compatible; compatible with most leading UC platforms - Ensures enterprise-quality audio and an integrated experience with most all business-grade UC platforms.
  • Auto pair by Docking - H820e headsets automatically pair when placed in any H820e charger dock, making it easy to use the headsets with any workstation in large deployment or hot desking situations.
  • Flexible microphone boom - Rotate the boom up or down and bend it left or right to move it closer to your mouth, enabling optimal placement for voice pickup.
  • Padded leatherette headband and replaceable leatherette ear pads - Built with high quality materials so the headset remains comfortable during long hours of use, plus the ear pads can be easily cleaned or replaced as desired.
  • Visual incoming call indicator - Lights on the base flash for incoming calls and an audible signal is given when the headset is in use.
  • Acoustic echo cancelation and noise-cancelling microphone - Optimized so you can hear and be heard even in noisy workspaces.
  • Double-ear (dual) wireless design - Ideal for employees who need to block off surrounding noise for laser-like focus during desktop calls.
  • Wide band/narrow band switch - Provides the option to switch to narrow band for improved performance in areas of high density deployment and for extended talk time.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Enables precise tuning for both the mic and speaker so conversations are more life-like.
  • Logitech Sound Protection - Designed for protection against sounds above 115dBA to deliver exceptional listening comfort for voice and music; compliant with EN60950-1.
  • Contemporary, ultra-lightweight design for all-day use - Sleek design and durable TR90 provide a more attractive look than traditional headsets.
  • Strong TR90 nylon construction - Stronger and more flexible than ABS, making it a more durable material. Plus it has a higher level of resistance to everyday chemicals including hairspray and sunscreen.
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity - Easily connects to PCs or Macs with no additional software required.
  • Use case recommendation - Heavy-duty business users in open workspaces, offices or home offices.
  • Продукт известен още и като H 820 e Dual 981 000517, H820eDual981000517, H820e Dual (981 000517), H820eDual981-000517, H 820e Dual (981-000517)
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