Overmax SoundBoost 2.2

Overmax SoundBoost 2.2

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Безжични Да
Свързване Bluetooth
Честотен обхват на слушалките 20 - 20000 Hz

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OVERMAX HEADPHONES SOUNDBOOST 2.2 WHITEDescriptionFEEL THE POWER OF SOUND WITH NEW HEADSET OVERMAX SOUNDBOOST 2.2Comfortable, foldable headphones Hi-Fi equipped with Bluetooth technology, having a connector to a memory card and an FM radio. The highest quality sound, powerful bass, perfect sound. Wireless headphones Soundboost 2.2 designed for music lovers, will provide you with the joy of listening to your favorite sounds in high quality wherever you want. MUSIC WITHOUT LIMITATIONBy equipping handsets with Bluetooth technology, the device connects to any hardware without the need for wires!Additionally, a built-in microSD card reader will allow you to transform the device into an MP3 player - simply insert the card with recorded songs to enjoy pure sounds of your favorite music!Built-in FM radio lets you enjoy your favorite radio stations and the latest hits anytime. MP3 PLAYERThe device supports MP3 files. Micro SD connector lets you turn the handset into a portable music player. The smart designFoldable design for easier storage of headphones - fit easily in a backpack or purse, or even in your pocket. BATTERY CAPACITYWith long battery life you can listen to your favorite songs or make a call from 10am without a break, without worrying about the next charging!BEST SOLUTIONSSoundboost 2.2 with a power up to 2x10 mW. Designed for your comfort - perfectly adapt to the ear, thereby ensuring comfort during frequent use. With long battery life you do not have to worry about that handset discharged on the way to school or work. In addition, the headphones have a microphone, so you can receive and make calls. CHOOSE YOUR STYLEHeadphones are available in two fashionable colors. You can bet on the classic black or blue choose energy. Express your personality, sound and color!Характеристики
Wireless communication:Bluetooth
Конектори:microUSB3,5 mm minijack
Audio controls:Volume controlAnswer/Mute calls
Pass band (min):20 Hz
Pass band (max):20 kHz
Other features:- Bluetooth Version 4.0- MP3- Slot for memory cards: Micro SD- Radio FM- Power: 10 mW x 2- Frequency: 2.402GHZ-2.480GHZ ISM Band- Вградена батерия- Продължителност на работа: Стойкаby 200h- Продължителност на зареждане: 2 - 3 часа- Distance to 10 meters Продукт известен още и като SoundBoost 2 2, SoundBoost22

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