Tracer Battle Heroes Riot v2 (TRASLU45878)

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Tracer Headset Battle Heros Riot V2 (TRASLU45878)

38,53 лв
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Tracer Headset Battle Heros Riot V2 (TRASLU45878)

40,92 лв
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Tracer Слушалки TRACER BATTLE HEROES Riot V2 (TRASLU45878)

44,99 лв
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Безжични Не
Свързване USB и 3.5 мм жак
Честотен обхват на слушалките 20 - 20000 Hz
Честотен обхват на микрофона 30 - 16000 Hz
Дължина на кабела 2.4 м

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Tracer Headset Battle Heros Riot V2DescriptionWith many hours of headphones, whether you're playing, working or simply listening to music, comfort is the basis. The Tracer Riot V2 is equipped with high quality ear muffs so you can use the product for long periods of time without feeling tired or uncomfortable. In addition, the folding microphone and volume control built into the ear can allow for precise and rapid change of settings and excellent communication. Equipped with up to three connectors (2x minijack and USB to power the LED illumination), you will be able to connect to a variety of hardware, while the lightweight and comfortable casing will provide you with comfort for hours of fun. Tracer Riot V2 is also an interesting design with additional LED backlight, which makes the handset look particularly good during evening sessions in front of the computer. LIGHTING OF PRODUCT LEDLED backlighting is at the same time useful for highlighting selected elements (eg buttons, control) as well as a way to give interesting stylistics. The advantages of such a solution are most easily experienced during nighttime sessions in front of the computer, when the illuminating illumination, giving an interesting appearance of the product, facilitates its use at the same time. Характеристики
Wireless communication:Не
Конектори:1 x USB 2.02 x 3,5 mm minijack
Audio controls:Volume control
Bluetooth features:
Pass band (min):20 Hz
Pass band (max):20 kHz
Sensitivity:100 dB
Cable length:2.4 m
Other features:- Transmitter diameter (mm): 40mm- Microphone Frequency Response (Hz): 30 - 16k

Продукт известен още и като Battle Heroes Riot v 2 TRASLU 45878, BattleHeroesRiotv2TRASLU45878, Battle Heroes Riot v2 (TRASLU 45878)
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